Senin, 22 Agustus 2016



So! as i started make this blog, i also starts my fashion student life! *claps*
another job to run another blog beside my personal blog -which is you can click the link on the sidebar-
Goodbye to TPB life (a very rough semester) and welcome to DKF life (which i trust would be more rough semester ha.ha) but im happy!!!! i cant wait to face another task, another assignment, another challenge!

as its name "Journal De La Mode" (Fashion Journal)
this blog will be filled with fashion design related post only which means include some of my personal assignment, project and etc as fashion student.

Okey so lets me officially open this blog for public (wkwkwk) NOW *cut the ribbon*

P.S : forgive me for my  very very very mess engrish and grammar.  Practice makes perfect they say *muach*

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